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ZONE 3 , Workshop event 27-Dec-2021

In tough times of pandemic, all students were deprived of the opportunity to have practical knowledge.Hoi Polloi was a medium to provide that platform, essential for budding architects across India. Hands on Workshop Event hosted by MMIED College of Architecture, Pune, Z349. It was a three days event; 27th, 28th , and 29th of December 2021.Open for all zones and we had 80 participants from across other zones.The event had 4 workshops based on core skills required in architecture. Bringing ideas on paper is what sketching is all about. Being able to convey perspectives, concepts, or even data is what makes sketching crucial in our profession. Ar. Sanjeev Joshi delivered the workshop where he shared his knowledge and experience. He shared a few of his works as a sample and reference to begin with.Architecture and photography are connected on one another. It is one way that helps the viewer to get the visual understanding of buildings that they may never get to see in real but can see it virtually by just a click, saving their time. Mr. Onil Shah, a professional architectural photographer conducted a theory session followed by introduction to using a camera and associated tools. Creativity and flexibility are two very interesting terms. A combination of both was the foundation of Clay workshop. Mr. Prabhakar Singh delivered the workshop that focuses on motivating budding architects to think out of the box. Making a mask out of clay with complete liberty to experiment with design.Brick are the first things that come to our mind when we say construction. Ar. Amruta Naidu introduced the basic unit of building to students.They were given instructions by their filed experts and the hands-on began with an air on enthusiasm. A moment to socialize, to celebrate, to appreciate each other’s success and to share the moments of joy. Winter carnival was the most cheerful part of the event and had something for everyone. About 10 stalls including, games, food, articles, tattoos and henna. Post Carnival there were a few games organized by host college and we had open stage for our talented guests. The event came to a closure when we the dance floor was open to all.


Nasa Day 13-Sep-2021

On NASA India's Founding day, The 64th unit council took up several initiatives. We organized a charity fundraiser to gather funds to donate to an orphanage that was in need of financial help and could also use the same for the redevelopment and infrastructure betterment of the place.On the 19th of September 2021, Z354 USEC. and UD collected the funds from the common bank account and visited the ashram.We donated an amount of sixteen thousand and seven hundred rupees to Sir Mauli Harkal, the caretaker of Vikas Anath Ashram, Chickli, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune.On unit level Z310 - BNCA PUNEQuiz competition and donation to a NGOFor NASA day, the unit held a short and fun quiz competition basedon NASA India which will help in spreading awareness about Association to the students of the unit. Participation certificates were given out to all the participants.Similar to every year, the administration of the Unit donated money to a NGO.On the occasion of 64th NASA foundation day, Z336 DYPUSOA unit conducted a CHARITY EVENT at The Nab-Lions home for Aging Blind in Khandala, implying the promise we made to "BE THE LIGHT"!On City level - Architecture colleges based in Pune, which are associated with NASA, had planned to organize a plastic collection drive in their colleges. The collected plastic was donated to RECHARKHA for their use.In order to help Recharkha with their publicity, participating members posted stories/posts and tagging them on their personal, college social media handles.In order to help NASA INDIA with its cause of working for the betterment and development of society, Recharkha donated 10% of their earnings from this donation to NASA INDIA’s ZONE 3 Fundraiser for the redevelopment of an orphanage.Architecture colleges based in Kolhapur region, which are associated with NASA, had planned to organize Photography contest and Comic design contest.


Allied feilds of Architecture 13-Sep-2021

The 64th Zonal council meeting for the Zone was successfully scheduled in August from 28th to 30th. Keeping the threat of Covid19 under consideration the Meet was Held online with Google Meet serving as the requisite medium. The meeting was held from 11 am to 12 am on the respective days.The meeting was attended by 15 Members, 13 observers and 4 new colleges. Also amongst the attendees were the Zonal President of Zone 4 and 6 along with a few Members of the Executive Council.A number of agendas were put forward in the meeting for discussion, these included Understanding the Constitution and its New Draft, the Structure and working of the Association. The Zonal Report for the 63rd year was presented before the attendees.Many formal activities took place in the meeting. The awarding of e-certificates for shortlisted entries, the website and additions for its better functioning were discussed. The problems and doubts regarding the functioning of the Association and council were clarified and corrected. The future endeavors for the units and zone for the 64th year were presented.The Zonal council Meet was an absolute success despite being an Online event. The sense of presence of the Attendees and Units was commendable and helped resolve and talk through many aspects of the Association. The Units were enthusiastic and zestful towards their plans for making the 64th year a success for their zone.

Zone 5 - ZNC, Hyderabad




ZONE 2 , Newsletter 06-Mar-2022

The 64th year Zone 2 - Zonal Newsletter is the first digital newletter to be release in these 64 year, avoiding the need to publish rather utilising the current mode of website to reach it out everyone.

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