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Allied feilds of Architecture 13-Sep-2021

The 64th Zonal council meeting for the Zone was successfully scheduled in August from 28th to 30th. Keeping the threat of Covid19 under consideration the Meet was Held online with Google Meet serving as the requisite medium. The meeting was held from 11 am to 12 am on the respective days.The meeting was attended by 15 Members, 13 observers and 4 new colleges. Also amongst the attendees were the Zonal President of Zone 4 and 6 along with a few Members of the Executive Council.A number of agendas were put forward in the meeting for discussion, these included Understanding the Constitution and its New Draft, the Structure and working of the Association. The Zonal Report for the 63rd year was presented before the attendees.Many formal activities took place in the meeting. The awarding of e-certificates for shortlisted entries, the website and additions for its better functioning were discussed. The problems and doubts regarding the functioning of the Association and council were clarified and corrected. The future endeavors for the units and zone for the 64th year were presented.The Zonal council Meet was an absolute success despite being an Online event. The sense of presence of the Attendees and Units was commendable and helped resolve and talk through many aspects of the Association. The Units were enthusiastic and zestful towards their plans for making the 64th year a success for their zone.

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