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Nasa Day 13-Sep-2021

On NASA India's Founding day, The 64th unit council took up several initiatives. We organized a charity fundraiser to gather funds to donate to an orphanage that was in need of financial help and could also use the same for the redevelopment and infrastructure betterment of the place.On the 19th of September 2021, Z354 USEC. and UD collected the funds from the common bank account and visited the ashram.
We donated an amount of sixteen thousand and seven hundred rupees to Sir Mauli Harkal, the caretaker of Vikas Anath Ashram, Chickli, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune.
On unit level Z310 - BNCA PUNE
Quiz competition and donation to a NGO
For NASA day, the unit held a short and fun quiz competition based
on NASA India which will help in spreading awareness about Association to the students of the unit. Participation certificates were given out to all the participants.
Similar to every year, the administration of the Unit donated money to a NGO.
On the occasion of 64th NASA foundation day, Z336 DYPUSOA unit conducted a CHARITY EVENT at The Nab-Lions home for Aging Blind in Khandala, implying the promise we made to "BE THE LIGHT"!
On City level - Architecture colleges based in Pune, which are associated with NASA, had planned to organize a plastic collection drive in their colleges. The collected plastic was donated to RECHARKHA for their use.
In order to help Recharkha with their publicity, participating members posted stories/posts and tagging them on their personal, college social media handles.
In order to help NASA INDIA with its cause of working for the betterment and development of society, Recharkha donated 10% of their earnings from this donation to NASA INDIA’s ZONE 3 Fundraiser for the redevelopment of an orphanage.
Architecture colleges based in Kolhapur region, which are associated with NASA, had planned to organize Photography contest and Comic design contest.

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