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Students of Architecture

The students are the strength of the association, the students associate with NASA, India through colleges and schools of Architecture across India and the globe.

General Council

The general council consists of all the Unit Secretaries ( A third-year student) and the Unit Designees (A second-year student) who are the representatives of each unit (or college) across the country.

Zonal Council

The zonal council consists of the six zonal presidents, who are elected after completion of their tenure as a Unit Secretary.

Executive Council

The executive council consists of the President, Secretary, Vice President, Treasurer, Public Relations, and Advisor who are elected after completion of their tenure as a unit secretary or any EC-ZC post.



An integral element of NASA, India, the trophies aim to provide students a versatile platform to come forward, explore, think and innovate to participate and learn all the aspects of Architecture. 

The trophies are categorized based on the varied interests and potentials of students across all the academic years to participate. The trophies (or competitions) are either moderated by eminent personalities or organizations to create enthusiasm and vigor in students.

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College Ranking

NASA, India believes in healthy competition amongst the diversified groups of students to aid learning and exploration of architecture beyond classrooms and schools, in this attempt, NASA aims to evaluate architecture schools and colleges on the basis of their academic work under one of the biggest trophies of the association – “Reuben’s Trophy.” The trophy creates a hassle-free, transparent process to determine the plinth of architecture schools in India.

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NASA TV is the online broadcasting platform of the association to make educational and experiential content available to the students at their homes. The motive of NASA TV is to reach out to the sixty thousand students associated with the organization; digital broadcasting helps students connect to the happenings of the association and the profession.

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Internship Forum

The genesis of the forum was to connect students with the professional world through a database of architecture firms across the country. The platform helps students explore the diversified interests of firms across the countries and helps them filter according to their requirements.

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