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63rd Year, 1st EC-ZC


The First EC-ZC Meet of the 63rd year was held at the NASA India Headquarters School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi  (SPA Delhi) from 14th March to 16th March. This was the first meeting of the newly elected 63rd-year council. 5 Executive Council members, 3 Zonal Presidents and the Advisor were a part of this meeting.The National President and the National Secretary gave an introductory session to the newly elected council members about the association and working of the association as well as a brief about the proceedings of the amendment year. The existing collaborations were reviewed and updated apart from the proposals for new collaborations. The Sub-Committee (Design and Editorial Team) management was distributed within the council members to handle the respective department for the commencing 63rd year. Individual agendas of everyone for the course of their tenure were presented. The NASA India Constitution articles were distributed among the different council members for brainstorming on the different revisions and modifications possible for making amendments this year.The meeting helped the new council to first create a direction to start the long journey. All the shared aspirations helped strengthen the bond between the fellow travellers to work better together on the impending adventure with the vision of redefining roots and refining routes. ...Read More



OBSERVATION & ACTION NETWORK (OAN) Grants Program is a collaboration between the Center for the Living City, the Urban Design Collective and NASA India that invites students who are extremely passionate about transforming their cities/towns for a better tomorrow. This program will utilize skill-sets and tools that both inform action and support students’ developing voices. The OAN strives to create a network where students can involve themselves directly with identifying and solving real urban challenges with the people in their neighbourhoods while also connecting with other creative leaders throughout the world. The Grants Program is an inaugural part of the OAN, and the three winners become the first 2020 OAN Fellows. Each of the winning individuals or teams will be awarded $500 USD for the implementation of their proposals. Announcing OAN 2020 Fellows CHHAV Location: Delhi. School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal (Z301)ORANGE PEOPLE PROJECT Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra. Visvesvaraya National Institue of Technology, Nagpur (Z224)ADAPTABLE CONTEXTUAL FARMING INVOKING SELF DEPENDENCY Location: Kozhikode, Kerala. MES College of Architecture Kakkodi (Z672) ...Read More