64th Year,ABHIGYATA: Arch 107 Talk series


A talk series Abhigyata was organized as a Zonal activity in the fourth week of September 2021. The event was hosted by Z420 Rani Rashmoni School of Architecture, Durgapur, WB. The esteemed speaker for the same was the Ar. Apurva Bose Dutta, an Author, renowned Architectural Journalist, an editor as well as Curator. Through the session, the speaker drew light upon her presentation on, “Carving Unique Journeys in Architecture”.The event was broadcasted live on YouTube through NASA India’s Channel while a huge number of delegates from different colleges watched and interacted with the speaker live through the medium of Google Meet. They could ask their questions as well as clarify any doubts regarding the presentation. The talk series was the first Zonal Activity for the 64th year and was a successful session. The Session spoke vividly of the scope and future of Journalism in Architecture.

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