64th Year,BOHURUPI- 64th Zonal Event


The interunit Zonal Event was kickstarted on 22nd October with the valedictory taking place on 30th October 2021. For the first time it was organized in a completely online medium. The event was hosted by Z439 Amity University Kolkata.The Theme was put forward as, “Bohurupi: the one who dons various characters”Any edifice’s existence is because there are, and have been, many thinking minds and working hands behind it. An architect is someone who becomes the face of a project, balancing the credibility and responsibility. The mask interprets the non-disclosure of the real identity of a person. The different and separate components signify that the identities are multifarious in nature. Each identity has uniqueness to it and hence, constitutes a separate and whole dimension. Compounding this, each part in the logo signifies a state of Zone 4, all of which are brought together to achieve a common purpose, throwing light upon the unity.The event had a wide range of inter as well as mixed unit activities running from 22nd October to 24th October, 2021. The activities included formal and informal activities like D36 trophy, Cahoots Trophy, Special events like Photography and Comics etc. Fun Events like Stand-Up Comedy, Esports as well as esteemed Workshops like Graphic Design, Tribal Art also had their part in the Week-long Zonal Event. Variety of respected Speakers too graced the event with Seminars on topics such as The Future of City Zoos etc.Overall Results for the Event were deemed as follows:UNIT OF THE EVENT: Z404: National Institute of Technology, RaipurSECOND: Z432: Om Dayal College of Engineering and ArchitectureTHIRD: Z401: Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, ShibpurThe Units showed some great energy throughout the duration of the event despite it being Online. The participation spirit of the delegates from all the units was commendable and the energy remained constant till the very ending of the valedictory. The overall event ended on a positive and successful note opening gates for any future event taking place no matter online or offline.

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